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Small Christian Communities

Small Christian Community missionThe Format of SCC Meetings

Give this to your facilitators as a guideline to follow during their Small Christian Community meetings.

Meeting Duration: 1-1/2 hours, plus fellowship time with refreshments


  1. Welcome everyone and introduce new members
    1. Be careful not to allow too much time gabbing and getting reacquainted; save that for refreshment time
  2. Opening prayer, asking God:
    1. to be present in the meeting
    2. to anoint each person’s mind and heart for sharing and learning
    3. to guide the meeting and keep the conversation on track
    4. to be with those who couldn’t make it or are late
    5. to fill everyone with the Holy Spirit, the teacher of truth
    6. and end by giving God glory and praise
  3. Read 1st scripture and commentary
  4. Faith sharing on that scripture; ask the members:
    1. What part of that related to you and your life?
    2. How does this help you with your daily life?
    3. What struck you the most? Why?
    4. And/or use questions given by the commentary
  5. Repeat #4 for 2nd scripture and Gospel reading
  6. Life Application just before meeting ends
    1. What goals do these scriptures give you for this week?
    2. How would you like these readings to change you?
    3. What would you say was the theme God gave us in this meeting?
  7. Closing prayer
    1. Summarize the main lessons learned in the meeting and thank God
    2. Ask God to help make these lessons take root in us and change us
    3. Open the prayer to petitions made by anyone who wants to offer them
    4. Offer up all unspoken needs and the needs of those not present
    5. End with the “Our Father,” a “Hail Mary” and a “Glory Be”
  8. Announcements
    1. Share whatever news is pertinent (upcoming retreat, info about a member who is absent, etc.)
    2. Assign who will bring refreshments next week (use predictable schedule)
  9. Fellowship with refreshments, which members take turns supplying


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