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Dear —,

Congratulations on saying yes to being God’s servant as a facilitator of a Small Christian Community for (name of church) Parish!

With this letter you’ll find the list of members of your group. Note that it includes a place on top for the name of your group. At your first meeting, invite the group to start thinking of a name that depicts what is spiritually important to them, and if they can’t agree upon a name at that meeting, ask them to think about it and make a final decision during the second meeting. As soon as your name is chosen, please inform me what it is.

Additionally, have your group begin to plan a banner and choose a time (perhaps your next meeting) to complete the banner. The banners will be needed for the SCC Commissioning Rite at (which) Mass on (what date). At the beginning of that Mass, everyone will process into the church together as a group, with one member carrying the banner. Inform your group of this date at the first meeting, and remind them about it in subsequent meetings.

Also on the list of members is a blank space for birthdates. At the first meeting, find out each person’s birthday and write it on the list. Make copies of the list for each of your members. The reason for the birthdates is to encourage members to celebrate each other’s birthdays with special refreshments and congratulations during a meeting near the birthday.

During the first meeting, hand out the study materials and show how it is to be used. Before getting into the scriptures, however, ask each member to introduce themselves, explain why they joined, and tell a story about their name. Use this as an opportunity to describe the difference between sharing and discussing.

Hand out the guidelines page called “Belonging to a Small Christian Community” and go over each item. Emphasize the importance of starting the meetings on time.

The day after your first meeting, call me (number here) to tell me how it went. I plan to visit with your group soon to give each member the opportunity to get to know me.

Thanks for all you are doing as the facilitator of a Small Christian Community!

God bless you!
(name), SCC Director


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