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Radical Love ebook Reflections for CouplesDownload this ebook of 215 short inspirational messages that bring God’s radical love into the context of romantic relationships, with dialog questions.

I began writing Reflections for Couples in 2015 as a blog on the Vocation of Marriage. After writing 215 of them, I turned them into an ebook.

The impetus to write these came from the desire that my husband Ralph and I have to find good, inspirational dialog starters. We used what we found and then searched for more, hoping especially to find Catholic reflections that would feed our Sacrament of Marriage. When our search came up empty, I knew the Holy Spirit was saying: “You write them!”

Then I learned about a couple who had for years received and shared my Good News Reflections but they got divorced. I had stayed in their home when they brought me to their parish to give a retreat. Now I thought, “I’ve failed them!” The generic reflections on the scriptures of daily and Sunday Mass were not enough to divorce-proof their marriage. And so the Reflections for Couples began.

RADICAL LOVE: Reflections for Couples is a collection of short reflections based on scriptures and teachings of the Catholic Faith, for couples to read together and dialog with, to enhance their relationship.

The ebook is available as a 228-page PDF from Terry Modica for those who want to print the reflections. The price is $7 (USD) per couple (two copies). You can also buy it as a Kindle book on Amazon (see if it’s available in your country, in the Kindle list we’ve posted on GNM).

If you know couples (dating, engaged or married) who could benefit from these Reflections for Couples, please share this post with them.

Also consider recommending this ebook to your parish’s Marriage and Family Ministry director. Discounts are available for group and parish licenses. Share the link gnm.org/terry-modica-author/radical-love-reflections-for-couples.

God bless you and your sweetheart!

Terry Modica (with her darling husband Ralph)
Founder, Author, Speaker, Executive Director
Good News Ministries
Changing hearts for Christ since 1995

Keep Christ at the center, the Word of Truth in your heart, and the traditional teachings of the Church as the guardian of your soul. 

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June 17, 2021 12:02 am

Thank you so much for so many inspirations. Kindly direct me for a special prayer for couples who seek God’s blessing for children please.
Thank you

Graciela Ramos
Reply to  Sylvia
June 17, 2021 8:27 am

Dear Sylvia, we can recommend our “Prayers for Parents” from our website.