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Imagine what can happen when traveling with computer equipment. Accidents! Mid-way through one of the conferences where Good News Ministries had a booth as part of our faith-building mission, my tablet fell and the glass fractured.

broken glass teaches a lesson of victory

I tried not to let this incident shake me up. Two laptops sufficed to show people what they wanted to see on our websites. But when I tried to focus on Christ during the Saturday evening prayer service, I felt disturbed by the breakage and it distracted me. I asked the Holy Spirit to change me, give me peace and help me open up to whatever God wanted to do in me.

As soon as I prayed that, the Lord taught me a lesson that gave me much reason to rejoice. He said that the walls that seem so thick around problems and people are really, to him, nothing thicker and stronger than the thin, easily breakable glass on my tablet. When we pray against these “walls” in the name and power of Jesus, we shatter the glass. And with the slightest touch of God’s finger, the shattered glass falls apart. That’s the kind of faith God wants us to have! This is what our problems look like from God’s perspective.

A little while later, another amazing moment: The conference speaker shared how easily the walls come tumbling down when we say yes to God and do whatever he tells us to do. He says, “Rejoice! Shout your praise! Blow the trumpet!” That’s how the Israelites knocked down the walls of Jericho.

Although replacing the tablet cost us $539 (which includes accident insurance), the lesson God turned it into is invaluable. Praise the Lord!

© 2016 by Terry A. Modica
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