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The following letter was written by someone who understands the mourning you are feeling from the loss of your loved one.

To one who is mourningDearest suffering one:

To apologize as people often do when someone passes away would be futile. My sympathy extends to you for the passing of your dear one.

I say sympathy, because at the thought of death, yes, it is sad for those left behind, but joyous for those who are united with Jesus. To hold on to that image, as we mourn, is so very important. There is a special place in heaven, as you know, for all of us who know the love of God. Sometimes we worry, though, because it seems that someone has not known God enough ~ but we cannot trust our perception. Only God knows where our hearts are when we die. We are not to assume that we know the destiny God has for each person, nor why their lives are different from ours. I sincerely believe that there are some people who live knowing God’s love, and there are some who don’t open up to it until the very time of death. And, to know that our God is a God of MERCY is more awesome than I can say.

Each tear that rolls down our cheek is a tear for that person, a healing for you and a process that we all should not run away from.

But as joyous as death is for the one who has passed away, it is sad for us. To shed those tears, is so very important. God would not have it any other way. Each tear that rolls down our cheek is a tear for that person, a healing for you and a process that we all should not run away from. To mourn the death of someone you love is what God would have all of us do. How could we love the way God loves us, if we could not mourn for those who have gone to be with our Father.

So, yes, my heart aches for your mourning, but it also feels joy and peace, because we know that it is what God intended for this one you love. Pray for him, and remember all the wonderful times you spent talking with him and sharing. That is what he would want for you ~ and yes, mourn him because you love him.

At the same time, remember that death is not an evil to be avoided; rather, it’s the passage to the next life. In many ways, death is like birth; both are natural processes surrounded by mystery, and both result in a entirely new dimension of life. God guides our entire life. He guides the death of this life and He guides the passing on into the next life as well.

Believe in God’s presence and the love He has for you and your family. The past years have been difficult for you. God surely has a plan. He would not have given them to you, if He felt you could not have handled them. He wants you to be strong, and to love Him, and to help others understand that love ~ both through the deaths you have experienced and through living your life. Share yourself; you love our Lord.

It is through all our pain that we learn to grow and become who God intended us to be. It is through all the pain that we can see the REAL PRESENCE OF JESUS. When you feel the suffering, offer it to Jesus as a sacrifice for someone who needs conversion or healing, and He will take the hurt of the pain from you. When the pain is just too much to bear, see Jesus walking to Calvary for YOU, and your load will lifted. As you see yourself suffering and in pain, see Jesus hanging on the cross for you, and your pain will become the pain that Jesus felt in loving each and every one of us. Remember how much He loves you and remember to feel ~ OH! FEEL, what you are feeling and share it with others.

My prayer for you this day is that the Lord will extend His mercy to you in your time of suffering, and to your dear loved one who has died, that God be with him now, holding him and saying, “Welcome, my child, for your death is a victory!” My prayer for you is that you will smile a smile of trust in the midst of sadness ~ trust that the Lord will also hold you in His arms and rock you in His gentleness. I ask that the Lord allow you to experience His peace and comfort. God Bless you!

© 1999 by Rosie Bridges

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A Letter for One Who Is Mourning
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