Faith-building Miracles of the Holy Spirit

by Terry Modica with Rina Manuel

To evangelize non-believers in today’s world, with its escalating relativism and immorality, we have to rely heavily on the Holy Spirit. It is only the Holy Spirit who can change hearts and minds. (In 1977, my convictions about the occult were converted to the truth and to a desire for the Catholic Faith after I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal.)

But how do we get people to pay attention to the Holy Spirit? Throughout the Book of Acts, we see how the early Christians did it: They were very active in their prayer lives, with praise, worship and teachings in gatherings of Spirit-filled church communities. So much so that miracles happened frequently. The supernatural manifestations of the Holy Spirit got people’s attention.

Rina Manuel

This still happens today. Rina Manuel attests to this. She is a Good News Ministries member who lives in the Philippines.

Rina’s testimonies

I serve in an open prayer meeting group called “Pathways”, which has many branches across Metro Manila. These branches conduct the Life in the Spirit Seminar (LSS) about twice a year for their area. I’ve personally seen many people’s lives changed because of the power of the Holy Spirit.

Spirit-filled prayer meeting

Below are some examples that I know about.

  1. A wife attended the LSS, and it was her fervent prayer for her erring husband to join her in the prayer meetings. After a month or so, the husband suddenly dropped by the prayer meeting, let people pray over him — and the rest was history. The husband started attending regularly, went through the LSS, and both husband and wife are now actively serving in the prayer group. They have also become an active part of our community and are undergoing formation courses.
  2. There was a drug addict and alcoholic who received the Holy Spirit and went on to clean-up his life. He is now actively serving in the prayer group’s music ministry.
  3. There was an unmarried couple who decided to marry in the Church after conversion through the Holy Spirit. They are now actively serving in the prayer group.
  4. We have a healing ministry group, which has performed signs and wonders for the attendees of the prayer meetings. By the power of the Holy Spirit, this ministry has provided physical, emotional and spiritual healing to those who have faith.
  5. There were couples who were on the verge of breaking up. They attended the LSS and have come to realize that it is necessary for them to love their spouses unconditionally, just like how Christ loves the Church.
  6. Our prayer community conducts weekend LSS with the cadet graduates and other members of the Philippine National Police. There have been many conversions among the police personnel, especially those who went to Confession during the weekend prior to the baptism of the Holy Spirit. They’ve confessed to murder, adultery, and all other capital sins imaginable. And what’s amazing is seeing them receive God’s peace and grace, especially as the LSS ends.
  7. We’ve also brought the LSS to poor urban communities. The LSS has given hope to those who have less in life by helping them realize that Jesus is their greatest treasure.

These stories show how the Spirit is actively at work in people’s lives today, despite the darkness in the world. God bless!

© 2017 by Terry A. Modica and Rina Manuel

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