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By an anonymous, long-time member/reader/supporter of Good News Ministries
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praying for the power of GodRecently, I heard the story of the man who had become more and more possessed by demons. Efforts by priests to exorcise them were unsuccessful. Then he sought help from someone who asked him, “Do you have hate in your heart for anyone?” The man admitted that he had a long-standing hatred for someone. When that was resolved, the effects of the exorcisms took hold and he was freed.

I’ve been thinking what in me may be blocking me from feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit, because even though I have prayed often for it, nothing has happened.

I’ve long been estranged from two of my daughters. The contrary, absurd behavior of the oldest for many years, my loss of thousands of dollars trying to help her out of difficulties, and shame over some of the things she has done have grown us apart. I preferred not to deal with her, but now she lives only an hour away. So my wife and I decided to help her move to her new apartment. I felt a joy in putting up shelves for her, hanging lights from the ceiling, repairing things using make-do tools. She appreciated it and it felt good to hold her in my arms again. I called her once by a nickname that she had as a small child, and she almost “melted” and asked us to use that name more often. Praise God!

I am now resolved to reconcile with my other daughter. I am somewhat afraid of her, because she lies so much. It even led to her divorce, though she sees no problem with lying. Her siblings also limit their interchanges with her because of the lying. I have to find a way to overcome this blockade. I think that the Lord is waiting. It could make all the difference. Though it might facilitate my own infilling of the Holy Spirit, more importantly it may help her improve her life.

Here are two quotes from Pope Paul VI that have helped me:

  • “Through the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, Jesus immerses us, dips us, as it were, into the Holy Spirit who is the ‘crossfire’ of love between the Father and the Son, that is, into the Heart of the Holy Trinity.”
  • “…the Spirit [of God] introduces the believer into the flow of love by which the Father loves the Son in the Holy Spirit”

The imagery of the crossfire or flow of love between the Father and Son really strikes me as I imagine myself in the warm, encompassing, satisfying embrace of their Love.

My own story of finding
the key that unlocks the power of God

When I read the above story, it reminded me of a similar experience in my own life. The Holy Spirit inspired me to share that with you via video.

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