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In the early 1990s, my parish held its first Mass for the Unborn, during which the Knights of Columbus dedicated a Tomb for the Unborn that they had set up next to the church. As it started, I asked Jesus to bring to the Mass every aborted child of every parishioner. What happened next felt like an inspired vision in which I vividly imagined a large group of children of all ages, from babies to older teens, in between the first row of pews and the altar.

My own aborted child, whom I had named “Bobby” years earlier during a healing retreat, came and ministered to the younger ones. (The Sacrament of Confession for this was also quite healing and freeing.)

Mary Blessed Mother ministering to aborted childrenThe Blessed Mother Mary came too. She was dressed in a blue robe with a white dress under it. She gathered the children around her and loved them with the fullness of God’s love. I could literally feel the love she was pouring onto them. No one can love anyone more than she loves these children.

Her hands were held out, palms up, like Jesus does in the Divine Mercy picture. Her love was healing the children as a cure for the love they had been denied when their parents aborted them. I could see that my Bobby had already been healed quite a lot, no doubt because my husband and I had already been giving him our love, through Jesus, for a long time.

After Mass, when the congregation prayed the Rosary, God showed me that our prayers go from us to Mary, and then through Mary to the heart of Jesus as she multiplies the prayer power with her love and purity. At the same time, she projects the effects of our prayers and this awesome love outward — I saw it travel from her hands onto the people who need it. On that particular day, our prayers for the aborted children were going through her to them. I saw the children grow and become happier because of these prayers.

God showed me this vision, I believe, to tell us that our love and our prayers for aborted children are needed and do make a difference, that the Rosary is powerful, and that the Blessed Mother is a wonderful mother to those who are unable to experience the earthly love of a parent.

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© 2008 by Terry A. Modica
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