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Small Christian Community mission

Facilitators should give these guidelines to all community members at the beginning of the first meeting and whenever a new person joins the group.

  1. Familiarize yourself with the week’s study materials before the meeting.
  2. Remember that each person is important because the Holy Spirit dwells within us.
  3. Listen to everyone with your heart.
  4. Share from your heart; don’t discuss what you know in your intellect, but do share what you feel in your heart and what you have learned from experience.
  5. Apply the scriptures to your own life and share personal insights and stories.
  6. Listen with empathy for the innermost feelings of others.
  7. Accept everyone for who they are and what they believe.
  8. Protect all confidences; personal sharings do not leave the room!
  9. No one is made fun of, regardless of viewpoint or lifestyle.
  10. Do not talk unkindly about a member who is not present.
  11. If someone wants to cry, don’t tell him to stop, but do offer comfort.
  12. When someone shares a problem, don’t try to fix or rescue, but do share how you got through a similar problem.
  13. Don’t be judgmental; you don’t know the other’s intentions, motives, etc.
  14. Look for other members after Masses and make a point to converse with them.
  15. Now and then, plan to meet other members for Saturday breakfast or invite them to other group events you normally participate in, such as holiday parties.
  16. When members are absent from a meeting, give them a call during the week to let them know they were missed and to share how the meeting went.

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