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Daily Prayers with the Saints!

From Terry Modica's book
Daily Prayers with the Saints for the New Millennium.

Daily Prayers with the Saints

For a monthly calendar of Saints and prayers,
see the Good News Saints Calendar.

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and short bios of their lives, see Find Your Saints.

Feast Day
Saint Name
aborted or persecuted
Aug. 12
Saint Porcarius and companions
abuse victims
Mar. 29
Saint Jeanne Marie de Maille
action and almsgiving
Oct. 4
Saint Francis of Assisi
May 30
Saint Ferdinand III of Castile
Sept. 9
Saint Peter Claver
ailments that interfere with ministry
May 23
Saint John Baptist Dei Rossi
alcoholics and disappointing children
Aug. 27
Saint Monica
altar servers
Nov. 26
Saint John Berchmans
ambassador of God
Feb. 9
Saint Sabinus
Americas, the
Dec. 12
Our Lady of Guadalupe
Sept. 11
Saint Adelphus
anti-Christian sentiment
Mar. 1
Saint David of Wales
May 3
Saints Philip and James
Sept. 29
Saints Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael
Jan. 17
Saint Anthony the Abbot
attitude, right
April 20
Saint Agnes of Montepulciano
attitudes, holy
June 11
Saint Barnabas
Mar. 23
Saint Turibius of Mongrovejo
Feb. 1
Saint Brigid of Ireland
bad times
Oct. 30
Saint Alphonsus Rodriguez
battle against evil
Nov. 9
Saint Theodore Tyro
beauty from God
June 23
Saint Etheldreda
beliefs, wrong
June 25
Saint Prosper
bereavement ministry
July 22
Saint Mary Magdalene
May 19
Saint Dunstan
bodily purity
Aug. 15
The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin
Jan. 25
Saint Paul the Apostle
Boston and other cities
June 17
Saint Botulph
business sense
Sept. 14
Saint Notburga
Jan. 30
Saint Aldegundis
capital punishment
Feb. 15
Saint Sigfrid
caregivers and needing care
Feb. 24
Saint Luke Belludi
career changes
Sept. 7
Saint Cloud
Aug. 25
Saint Joseph Calasanz
Sept. 17
Saint Robert Bellarmine
change, facing
June 5
Saint Boniface
change of plans
Oct. 27
Saint Frumentius
charitable ministries
Sept. 27
Saint Vincent de Paul
Jan. 4
Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton
Mar. 9
Saint Dominic Savio
Dec. 6
Saint Nicholas
children, foster
July 1
Saint Thierry
children, orphans and foster
Feb. 8
Saint Jerome Emiliani
children, raising
Nov. 5
Saint Sylvia
children's futures
Feb. 2
The Holy Family
children's games
Nov. 13
Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini
children's protection
Dec. 28
The Holy Innocents
children, teaching faith to
July 10
Saint Amalburga
Church renewal
April 30
Saint Pius V
April 11
Saint Stanislaus of Cracow
comforting others
Sept. 19
Saint Januarius
Mar. 16
Saint Aristolubus
May 20
Saint Bernardine of Siena
communities, religious and lay
Dec. 10
Saint Romaric
July 9
Martyrs of Orange
compassion with toughness
May 7
Saint Domitian
Nov. 20
Saint Edmund of East Anglia
computers and the internet
April 4
Saint Isidore of Seville
Sept. 24
Saint Pacificus
May 16
Saint John Nepomucene
June 20
Saint Alban
conversion for hardest cases
Dec. 5
Saint Galganus
conversion of spouses
Nov. 22
Saint Cecilia
conversion of the world
Aug. 5
Dedication of Saint Mary Major
converts, Catholic
Feb. 27
Saint Anne Line
April 18
Saint Perfecto
May 12
Saints Nereus and Achilleus
dangerous journeys
May 28
Saint Bernard of Menthon
Jan. 22
Saint Vincent of Saragossa
Dec. 26
Saint Stephen
Aug. 24
Saint Bartholomew, Apostle
deceptions, overcoming
Jan. 11
The Spirit of Truth
desperate situations
Oct. 28
Saints Simon and Jude, Apostles
April 2
Saint Francis of Paola
difficult superiors
May 18
Saint John I
diocesan personnel
June 7
Saint Anthony Mary Gianelli
Feb. 18
Saint Bernadette of Lourdes
divinity, Christ's
Jan. 13
Saint Hilary of Poitiers
divorced people
Aug. 18
Saint Helena
doing what is not easy
April 17
Saint Stephen Harding
June 24
Birth of John the Baptist
July 3
Saint Thomas, Apostle
downtrodden, defending the
Dec. 30
Saint Anysius
education, Catholic
Oct. 21
Saint Ursula
educational interests
Nov. 16
Saint Gertrude
May 4
Saint Gothard
May 1
Saint Joseph the Worker
Oct. 23
Saint John Capistrano
engaged couples
Jan. 21
Saint Agnes of Rome
April 21
Saint Anselm of Canterbury
Sept. 13
Saint John Chrysostom
entertainment industry
June 15
Saint Vitus
July 18
Saint Bruno of Segni
Eucharist, faith in the
April 26
Saint Radbertus
Eucharistic adoration
May 17
Saint Pascal Baylon
Jan. 16
Saint Berard
evil spirits
June 4
Saint Quirinus
faith, awakening
April 28
Saint Peter Chanel
faith communities
Oct. 20
Saint Paul of the Cross
faith erosion
July 27
Saint Pantaleon
faith growth
June 29
Saints Peter and Paul, Apostles
faith, inactive
Oct. 11
Saint Alexander Sauli
faith like Mary's
May 25
Saint Bede the Venerable
false accusations
Oct. 29
Saint Narcissus
false teachings
Mar. 18
Saint Cyril of Jerusalem
family holiness
Dec. 25
farmers, food and shelter
Aug. 30
Saint Fiacre
fasting and penance
Mar. 21
Saint Serapion the Scholastic
June 30
First Martyrs of the Church of Rome
fear-based decisions
Nov. 27
Saint James Intercisus
Nov. 10
Saint Leo the Great
finding God
Aug. 28
Saint Augustine
First Communion
Mar. 10
Saint Marie-Eugénie de Jésus
freedom for captives
Nov. 24
Saints Flora and Mary
Jan. 2
Saints Basil the Great and Gregory Nazianzen
Feb. 17
The Seven Founders of the Order of Servites of Mary
friendships, close
Dec. 27
Saint John the Beloved Apostle
friendship with saints
Mar. 20
Saint Ambrose of Siena
friends in ministry
Dec. 14
Saint John of the Cross
Mar. 2
Saint Agnes of Prague
Nov. 29
Blessed Francis Anthony of Lucera
gift of time
Mar. 3
Saint Chad
gifts and talents
July 15
Saint Bonaventure
gifts of the Spirit
April 25
Saint Mark the Evangelist
glory of God
Aug. 6
The Transfiguration of Jesus
goals that seem too big
Sept. 5
Saint Lawrence Justinian
God's plans
Nov. 21
Presentation of Mary
going where God leads
Jan. 19
Saint Marguerite Bourgeous
good examination of conscience
April 3
Saint Mary of Egypt
Mar. 31
Saint Balbina
Sept. 8
The Birth of Mary
graces of God
June 12
Saint John of Sahagun
Jan. 14
Saint Macrina the Elder
July 26
Saints Joachim and Ann
growth through service
Dec. 18
Saint Flannan
handicapped, the
Mar. 12
Saint Seraphina
handicapped and street people
Sept. 1
Saint Giles
Jan. 27
Saint Angela Merici
Jan. 15
Saint Paul the Hermit
Nov. 3
Saint Martin de Porres
healing and guidance
Dec. 15
Saint Nino
healing for the parish
July 5
Saint Anthony Mary Zaccaria
heavy heart
Dec. 19
Blessed Urban V
Jan. 23
Saint John the Almsgiver
HIV and AIDS victims
Feb. 28
Saint Romanus of Condat
holy living
Aug. 20
Saint Bernard
holy words
July 30
Saint Peter Chrysologus
holy work
Mar. 5
Saint John Joseph of the Cross
homeless people
July 17
Saint Alexius
April 27
Saint Zita
home visits
Sept. 4
Saint Cuthbert
July 29
Saint Martha
hostility, overcoming
Dec. 23
Saint John of Kanty
human race, whole
Aug. 22
Queenship of Mary
humble service
Oct. 10
Saint Francis Borgia
May 26
Saint Philip Neri
husbands and fathers
Mar. 19
Saint Joseph
immoral appetites
April 12
Saint Sabas
impossible cases
May 22
Saint Rita of Cascia
imprisoned and addicted
Aug. 14
Saint Maximilian Kolbe
Nov. 14
Saint Lawrence O'Toole
April 9
Saint Waldetrudis
July 24
Saints Boris and Gleb
June 1
Saint Justin Martyr
intelligence and education
Sept. 25
Saint Sergius
Oct. 24
Saint Anthony Claret
intimacy with God
Oct. 1
Saint Thérèse of Lisieux
Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons
June 10
Saint Getulius
Jewish converts
May 5
Saint Angelus of Jerusalem
Jews, Messianic
Dec. 20
Saints Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob
Nov. 30
Saint Andrew, Apostle
Korean Church
Sept. 20
Saints Andrew Kim Taegon and Paul Chong Hasang
April 24
Saint Fidelis of Sigmaringen
Mar. 4
Saint Casimir of Poland
leaders, Church
Feb. 22
Saint Peter the Apostle
Sept. 22
Saint Maurice
life's crosses
Feb. 6
Saints Paul Miki and Companions
living the Creed
July 13
Saint Henry II
Aug. 23
Saint Rose of Lima
loss, bereavement ministry
Dec. 2
Saint Bibiana
lost items
June 13
Saint Anthony of Padua
love for Scripture
Mar. 11
Saint Eulogius of Spain
love for the Bible
April 16
Saint Benedict Joseph Labre
love, motherly
Feb. 11
Our Lady of Lourdes
love, passionate
April 1
Saint Melito of Sardis
love, passionate
Sept. 15
Our Lady of Sorrows
love, sacrificial
April 19
Saint Elphege
love, unconditional
Jan. 10
The Father of Love
love, unconditional
April 5
Saint Vincent Ferrer
loyalty to the Church
July 2
Saint Otto of Bamberg
Mary our treasure
June 27
Saint Cyril of Alexandria
Aug. 7
Saint Cajetan
medical practitioners
Oct. 18
Saint Luke, evangelist
medical providers
Sept. 26
Saints Cosmas and Damian
meeting Jesus
Feb. 23
Saint Polycarp
mental illness
May 15
Saint Dymphna
military duty
Nov. 11
Saint Martin of Tours
military service
July 21
Saint Lawrence of Brindisi
May 6
Saint Evodius of Antioch
ministry, endurance in
Dec. 9
Saint Peter Fourier
ministry to vulnerable ones
Aug. 26
Saint Elizabeth Bichier
April 22
Saint Theodore of Sykeon
miracles of grace
Nov. 28
Saint Catherine Labouré
Mar. 7
Saints Perpetua and Felicity
multi-faith homes and step-families
Oct. 22
Saint Nunilo
musical gifts
May 21
Saint Godric of Finchale
musicians and painters
Jan. 12
Saint Benedict Biscop
mutual support
Sept. 16
Saints Cornelius and Cyprian
nation, the
Jan. 5
Saint John Henry Neumann
natural disasters
Feb. 5
Saint Agatha
needy, programs for the
Mar. 15
Saint Louise de Marillac
April 15
Saint Hunna
New Age
May 2
Saint Athanasius
New Year, blessing the
Jan. 1
Mary, Mother of God
new year, preparing for
Dec. 31
Saint Sylvester I
North America
Oct. 19
Sts. John de Brébeuf & Isaac Jogues
old age
Nov. 7
Saint Willibrord
Oct. 17
Saint Ignatius of Antioch
Mar. 6
Saint Colette
outcast, aiding the
Dec. 16
Saint Adelaide
Oct. 9
Saint John Leonardi
overcoming evil
Oct. 31
Saint Wolfgang
pagan religions
Oct. 12
Saint Edwin
Jan. 26
Saints Timothy and Titus
Passion, the
Aug. 17
Saint Clare of the Cross
peace, inner
June 2
Saints Marcellinus and Peter
people as gifts
Feb. 14
Saints Cyril and Methodius
Oct. 8
Saint Pelagia the Penitent
Sept. 6
Blessed Bertrand
Sept. 12
Saint Eanswida
Nov. 25
Saint Catherine of Alexandria
Feb. 26
Saint Isabel of France
plagues and diseases
April 10
Saint Macarius of Antioch
political maneuvering
July 4
Saint Elizabeth of Portugal
Oct. 13
Saint Edward the Confessor
Dec. 29
Saint Thomas Becket
Sept. 3
Saint Gregory the Great
April 13
Saint Martin I
Pope's ministry
Dec. 11
Saint Damasus I
position in life
Jan. 29
Saint Aquilinus of Milan
position in life
June 22
Saint Paulinus of Nola
possessed people
Oct. 6
Saint Bruno
possessed people
Oct. 26
Saint Lucian
prayer, mystical
Oct. 15
Saint Teresa of Avila
prayer place
Oct. 3
Saint Gerard of Brogne
prayer support
Nov. 1
All Saints
Nov. 19
Saint Nerses
Aug. 31
Saint Raymond Nonnatus
July 20
Saint Margaret of Antioch
priests, courage in
June 6
Saint Norbert
priests' formation
Aug. 19
Saint John Eudes
priests' friendships
Aug. 2
Saint Eusebius of Vercelli
priests, purification of
May 13
Saint Andrew Hubert Fournet
prison systems
Oct. 14
Saint Callistus I
promises fulfilled
May 31
Blessed Virgin Mary
July 11
Saint Benedict
July 16
Our Lady of Mount Carmel
Oct. 2
Guardian Angels
protection of the home
Aug. 16
Saint Stephen of Hungary
purification after death
Nov. 2
All Souls
RCIA, religious education students
Aug. 9
Saint Romanus
reading material
July 31
Saint Ignatius of Loyola
Jan. 8
The Sacred Wounds
rejected love
Dec. 21
Saint Peter Canisius
rejection and failure
Sept. 18
Saint Joseph of Cupertino
Religious, future
Mar. 13
Saint Euphrasia
Feb. 16
Saint Onesimus
May 24
Saint Simeon Stylites the Younger
responding to God's will
Mar. 25
The Annunciation
retreat centers
July 19
Saint Macrina
Nov. 17
Saint Elizabeth of Hungary
July 14
Saint Kateri Tekakwitha
April 6
Saint William of Eskilsoe
June 3
Saint Charles Lwanga and Companions
Rosary, power of the
Oct. 7
Our Lady of the Rosary
sacred image
July 12
Saint Veronica
Sacred Heart
Oct. 16
Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque
Sacred Wounds
June 16
Saint Lutgardis
sacrificial sufferings
Dec. 3
Saint Francis Xavier
sanctification of our homes
Dec. 8
The Immaculate Conception
April 7
Saint John Baptist de la Salle
scientific study
Nov. 15
Saint Albert the Great
scripture knowledge
Sept. 30
Saint Jerome
seeing the good in sinners
Sept. 21
Saint Matthew, Apostle
July 25
Saint James the Greater, Apostle
Aug. 3
Saint Peter Julian Eymard
separation from loved ones
Nov. 6
Saint Theophane Venard
sexual abuse
July 6
Saint Maria Goretti
Nov. 4
Saint Charles Borromeo
sick, addicted, and dying
Mar. 8
Saint John of God
sin, overcoming
Jan. 7
Saint Raymond of Penyafort
sin, resolve against
Feb. 13
Saint Martinian the Hermit
societal fads
May 29
Saint Maximinius
society, influencing
April 29
Saint Catherine of Siena
June 19
Saint Romuald
spiritual advancement
July 28
Saint Samson
speaking against sin
Aug. 29
Beheading of Saint John the Baptist
spiritual conversation
Feb. 10
Saint Scholastica
spiritual direction
May 10
Saint John of Avila
spiritual encouragement
Mar. 24
Saint Catherine of Sweden
spiritual fervor
Mar. 26
Saint Ludger
spiritual growth
Sept. 23
Saint Padre Pio
spiritual instructors
June 28
Saint Irenaeus of Lyons
spiritual rules
May 9
Saint Pachomius
standing firm
Dec. 22
Saint Ischyrion
Feb. 7
Blessed Giles Mary-of-Saint-Joseph
street evangelists
Sept. 10
Saint Nicholas of Tolentino
strength, God's
Aug. 21
Saint Pius X
June 26
Saint Anthelm
Feb. 4
Saint Jane of Valois
suffering from illness
July 14
Saint Camillus de Lellis
supernatural gifts
Mar. 27
Saint John of Egypt
Feb. 19
Saint Barbatus of Benevento
surrounded by non-Christians
Sept. 28
Saint Wenceslaus
June 9
Saint Ephrem
Nov. 8
Saint Castorius
tasks, undesirable
April 8
Saint Walter of Pontnoise
tasks, unpleasant
Jan. 18
Saint Charles of Sezze
Feb. 21
Saint Peter Damian
Feb. 20
Saint Amata of Assisi
Aug. 11
Saint Clare
temptation, overcoming
Mar. 30
Saint John Climacus
June 18
Saint Elizabeth of Schönau
theological study
Jan. 28
Saint Thomas Aquinas
throat ailments
Feb. 3
Saint Blaise
Aug. 1
Saint Alphonsus Liguori
Jan. 6
Saint Melchior
travelers and innkeepers
Feb. 12
Saint Julian
July 8
Saint Kilian
Aug. 10
Saint Lawrence
Jan. 9
Saint Adrian of Canterbury
unbelieving spouses
Mar. 9
Saint Frances of Rome
May 27
Saint Augustine of Canterbury
Mar. 17
Saint Patrick
unity, Christian
Nov. 12
Saint Josaphat
unity in Christianity
June 14
Saint Methodius of Constantinople
unity in the Church
Aug. 13
Saints Pontian and Hippolytus
unjustly treated, the
Mar. 22
Saint Deogratias
victims of violence
Mar. 28
Saint Guntramnus
April 23
Saint George
May 8
Saint Michael the Archangel
Aug. 8
Saint Dominic de Guzman
violent games and shows
Dec. 4
Saint John Damascene
virginity and chastity
Dec. 13
Saint Lucy
virtuous living
July 7
Saint Syrus of Genoa
May 11
Saint Ignatius of Laconi
May 14
Saint Matthias
vocations in later years
Aug. 4
Saint John Vianney
vocations, late religious
Dec. 24
Saint Adele
vocations, religious
Oct. 5
Saint Flora of Beaulieu
wage earners
Oct. 25
Saints Crispin & Crispinian
wealthy and powerful, the
Mar. 14
Saint Matilda
weather, bad
June 8
Saint Medard
weather, good
Sept. 2
Saint Agricola of Avignon
Jan. 3
Saint Genevieve
widows and widowers
July 23
Saint Bridget of Sweden
witches and satanists
Feb. 25
Saint Walburga
women in ministry
Dec. 17
Saint Olympias
words, holy use of
Dec. 7
Saint Ambrose of Milan
work, challenging
Nov. 18
Saint Rose-Philippine Duchesne
Dec. 1
Saint Eligius
Nov. 23
Saint Clement I
writers and publishers
Jan. 24
Saint Francis de Sales
Jan. 31
Saint John Bosco
June 21
Saint Aloysius Gonzaga
Jan. 20
Saint Fabian